The Beginner’s Guide to TubeMate APK

TubeMate Download April 2018

You might be one of those people who often download videos or audio content from the Web. Well, YouTube is one of the sites where you often want to download content from. However, it is not possible if you do it even with the available features to share or download.

If you are an Android user, you can use TubeMate for this task. In fact, many people are already enjoying this software whenever they like to download their favorite video or audio from YouTube.

The good thing is that it is easy to use as it gives you tons of features without the need to buy it. Moreover, it can be downloaded from the Play Store unlike any other app, which you need to acquire from unknown sources.

Organize Files

Based on the benefits that you can get from TubeMate, you can enjoy organizing your downloaded files, which you can arrange in playlists. Thus, you will be able to collect similar-themed videos that you can watch while travelling long distances or waiting for your laundry to finish.

Format Converter

You can also enjoy the format converter feature that the app can provide. Instead of using a computer to convert a file to a compatible format to play anywhere, you simply have to download TubeMate. This is because you can just go to the downloaded file and tap the menu options. Then, you can save the file as MP3 format or convert it to MP3.

Download Multiple Files

It is also possible to download multiple files together, which saves you a lot of time. You can even download videos that you can use for offline viewing. Moreover, TubeMate is perfect when you are a frequent traveler, which requires you to have a lot of idle time that you can use for watching movies or music videos instead.

TubeMate’s Popularity

Unfortunately, people are no longer searching for TubeMate. Here’s a graph showing the downtrend on Google Trends.

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