Legal or Illegal? Is the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Unsafe to Download?

Minecraft PE

If you find safety and security as a big concern, then it’s always going to be a factor you would consider. With smartphones being very susceptible to viruses and software malfunction, these factors should naturally be a priority.

Installing and downloading games and applications on your phones could be a potential threat to your mobile devices if you’re not careful. Therefore, you need to be vigilant and practice with caution whenever you do so.

Among the countless games and applications that you can use and enjoy on your smartphone, we highlight one particular mobile game in mind: Minecraft Pocket Edition (or Minecraft PE).  With Minecraft being one of the most popular games of today and in the era of mobile technology, it’s not a surprise that this comes with its own smartphone version.

This game, like all the other ones available for Android users, can be downloaded using an APK program file. As you get the app for your mobile device, you need to think about its safety, too. With that said, is Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK Unsafe to Download? Let’s find out.


About Minecraft PE

Minecraft Pocket Edition is the mobile version of the well-loved building blocks game developed by Mojang. In its gameplay, users can build and create their own kingdom in the realm however they want to.

It also comes with two major gaming modes: Creative and Survival. This way, users can choose the type of difficulty that they can manage on playing. The app also goes through regular updates in order to improve users’ gaming experience.

Users are also allowed to get gaming expansions, go through other Minecraft worlds of their choosing through upgrades and in-house paid expansions to make each of their gaming experiences. If you’re thinking about downloading the Minecraft: Pocket Edition, you need to know the technical side of it first.  

About APKs

APKs are the extension files that runs on Android and installs your application on your phone. Whenever you install an application on Google Play, you are downloading its APK file and then automatically installs it to your phone afterward.

You can also go through a third-party application source to manually download and install the APK file using your phone’s browser. Whenever you do this, you’re actually sideloading. While it sounds a bit scary, sideloading isn’t exactly prohibited.

If you want to know if Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK, as well as other games and applications, is safe to download, let’s discuss if these are illegal or not.


Is it Safe or Unsafe to Download?

Is it illegal?  Well, yes and no. While sideloading is accepted, you need to remember that you can only manually download the APK in a legal manner. It means that your source should not come from an illegal or pirated APK source.

Besides that, there’s also a potential danger whenever you go to difference untrusted sites that share APK files of applications. These sites are most likely bridled with potentially harmful viruses waiting to spread and affect your phone.  

So, as mentioned, if you’re downloading Minecraft: PE and other applications, it’s always important to think twice about doing so especially if it’s a potentially dangerous source. The bottom line is, always practice with caution.

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