When it comes to cell phone data, you don’t want to waste a precious ounce of it, but if you’re traveling, that’s often what happens. In fact, you could run out of your monthly data amount in a single day, if you’re not careful.

This is especially true if you have kids.

Many people are using their devices non-stop, but using your tablet or smartphone on your 4G or other data plan can just take a huge chunk of your money away. Think about how often you spend your time streaming music, videos or movies on your smartphone or tablet. You never think about this when you’re doing it – only when you’re hit with a $15 or more overage charge or have your speeds reduced considerably.

You may be astounded to learn that a single hour of streaming music can take up to 100MB of data, which could equate to 10 percent of some users. A low-quality video uses nearly 0.3GB of data, and if you had high quality, that number could easily be 1GB for one hour.

That’s a lot of data.

VidMate is the solution to that problem!

Why Should You Use VidMate?

VidMate is a great way to download music, movies and videos right to your smartphone or tablet. The program lets you download from over 20 different streaming platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, SoundCloud and others, meaning you’d never run out of something to download and watch.

Want to watch funny video clips? VidMate lets you do that too!

As long as you have access to Wi-Fi, you can download anything you want. If you have a movie you want to watch on your next road trip, just download it to your smartphone or tablet without using your data.

VidMate isn’t like other free downloading services; you can download however number of things you want each day. That’s right! There’s no limit to what you can download.

What Else Makes VidMate So Great?

Another great aspect to VidMate is the ability to convert any music or video you download into another file format. For example, you decide to download a YouTube video to your phone but would like it in MP3 format instead. With VidMate, you can do just that! What are the other aspects that make it so wonderful?

  • Quick, superior downloads using Cloud technology
  • Live stream of over 100 channels
  • Found in Google Play Store
  • Can download more than one file simultaneously
  • Optional Add-On right into the browser to access easily

Pretty good, right?!

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