The majority of people recognize the name WhatsApp. For those that don’t know it’s history, it first began in 2009 and was acquired by Facebook in 2014. It’s a free alternative to phone service’s costly SMS text messaging services.

What you may not realize about WhatsApp is that it can be customized to make the experience even better for users.

How so? It’s called WhatsApp Plus, which gives the basic WhatsApp app a makeover and customizes it to a person’s needs and desires. It comes with a host of messaging themes, new emoticons and can let you hide your online status. WhatsApp Plus takes your WhatsApp experience and makes it even better.

How is WhatsApp Plus changing the way you use WhatsApp?

Customized Aspects

With WhatsApp, you may be bored with the general backgrounds and templates that come with the program. You may want to be one of those people who’d rather stand apart from the crowd. This is how WhatsApp Plus can help. You get the option to have a full-size profile picture, changeable color schemes, themed image backgrounds and personality-filled fonts for texting.

When you send pictures to friends, the app lets you edit the size and specs, so less data and space are used.

WhatsApp Plus gives you the freedom to organize message or give you a change from the basic stuff. You pick the design and layout you want to go with instead of being stuck with the original concept.

Go Incognito

How many times have you gone into your messages to look for something, and wound up talking to someone when you really didn’t have the time or didn’t feel up to it? With WhatsApp Plus, you can stop unwanted conversations before they begin and look for messages you want.

WhatsApp Plus lets you go incognito, which will hide your online status. You also have the option to hide the Last Seen status, so other people won’t wonder why you’re not getting back with them.

You can also look through a friend’s messages without them knowing you’re around and have read it. This is a useful feature when you’re in the middle of something and don’t have time to talk but can read something real quick.

With the incognito feature, you don’t have to worry about leaving evidence behind that you were using the app.

It’s The Answer To Your WhatsApp Problems

If you’re tired of using the WhatsApp program the way it is now, WhatsApp Plus will give you the change you’ve been looking for. Express yourself creatively by making changes to the layout, reduce the image size and quality to save data and money and share even more emoticons with friends, showing them how you really feel.

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