There are all kinds video downloading apps to choose from today – Videoder, VidMate and TubeMate. Each option offers similar services, but they all have their own little aspect that makes them stand out. These subtle differences make it difficult to determine which option is best for you.

How Are The Apps Similar?

Each one of the apps is a video downloader that work on numerous platforms. Both TubeMate and Videoder works on Android and Windows devices whereas VidMate works on Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices.

All three, working on the Android platform, uses an APK file. Therefore, you need to download the file from a trustworthy source, as it’s not offered in the Google Play Store. It’s easy to download and install, so it’s important to know where certain settings on the device are. The premise of all apps include video downloads, but it’s their differences that make them unique and difficult to choose one over the others.

For instance, TubeMate was originally set up to download YouTube videos. Over time, app developers made changes so videos from any website could be downloaded. Plus, videos can be downloaded in various formats and resolutions.

VidMate is similar to TubeMate, letting you download videos from an array of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. You choose the video quality, which will save you space on your device.

Videoder is similar to the other two apps, and like VidMate, you can download videos from multiple platforms including social media.

What Kinds Of Extras Do You See With The Three Apps?

As you see, the differences between each app are subtle, which means you can choose which app is best for you.

Both Videoder and TubeMate allows you to share videos via the social media website and convert them into MP3s if you want. They support playlists but differently – TubeMate allows you to download videos that are sorted into playlists while Videoder gives you the ability to download YouTube playlists.

Videoder provides a copy link detection tool, which works by recognizing the link you copied for a particular media, video and music file. A popup will appear by asking if you want to download it.

VidMate vs Videoder vs TubeMate

VidMate goes even further by letting you watch about 200 live TV channels while also letting you look through memes and create memes for yourself.

It can be difficult to choose between the three, but it focuses on what you want from the app. If your goal is to download videos, then any of the three is fine. If you’re looking for something more specific, look at the different features they have to offer to see what you do or don’t like about them.

Don’t forget that apps are always improving, and TubeMate recently had an update in April.

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