Facebook Messenger recently updated its program for all Windows, iOS and Android devices, but the version the update is will depend on the device used. If your mobile device is set to download the latest updates from Facebook automatically, you probably already have the newest version of it.<

How Do You Allow For Auto Updates On Your iOS Devices

  • Go to your iPad’s or iPhone’s Settings
  • Hit iTunes and App Store on the left-hand side. Scroll the menu to find it.
  • Go to Automatic updates and see if the option has been set. If not, you can tap the button on the right-hand side to ensure the Updates feature is toggled on.

Every now and then, the device will go to the App Store to look for updates, but be mindful that bandwidth is often used when you have updates turned on.

How Do You Allow For Auto Updates On Your Android Device

  • Go to the Play Store app on the device.
  • Hit Settings, which is found on the top-left side of the app screen.
  • Click Auto-update apps to choose if you want to turn the feature on.

You can also use the Facebook app to turn auto updates on for Facebook Messenger, which lets you use the Facebook App Manager on the phone. Be sure you have some type of Internet connection – Wi-Fi or data – to ensure you see updates on your phone come through. Without a connection, updates are not possible.

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