Many fans of the popular Dead Space series are eagerly awaiting a follow up to Dead Space 3 which is the Dead Space 4. Is there even any hope for its release date on PS4 and Xbox One?

The gripping horror series that takes elements of Resident Evil and combines it with the terror of being in space in general, Dead Space was one of Visceral Games biggest hits.

Many fans clamor for another entry but it is more complicated than simply releasing another game.

Platforms (Expected)Key People
Xbox OneWright Bagwell
PS4Glen Schofield
Windows PCMichael Condrey

Dead Space 4 will not be released in PS4 and Xbox One

Ever since Electronic Arts’ decision to shutter Visceral back in October 2017, people speculated whether or not there would be another Dead Space game on the horizon.

When it closed Visceral Games the group was hard at work on a still-unnamed Star Wars title, a game that will love on in some fashion according to EA.

That is good news for fans of unnamed Star Wars games, but what about Dead Space?

Dead Space 4 is neither cancelled nor currently in development. In fact, EA has remained mum on the subject entirely.

No Confirmation for Dead Space 4

dead space 4

That isn’t to say a new game couldn’t be headed gamers way in the future, but it won’t be coming from Visceral Games.

In a recent Reddit thread former Dead Space Art Director Ian Milham commented that the Dead Space intellectual property was certainly worth quite a bit to EA. Citing how the developer has poured money into the franchise in the past, Milham went on to say that licensing the IP wouldn’t be cheap and, in fact, would probably be close to impossible.

If anything, the next installment in the Dead Space series would likely come from within EA itself. And probably from an already existing development team. The only concern with this approach is that a new team might mean new ideas.

Sometimes new ideas work out in games, other times they ruin the experience entirely.

Gamers have reason to be wary of new ideas, but more importantly what about a new direction entirely?

Dead Space 4 Without Visceral Games?

Some believe the spirit of a game is lost when a new team takes the helm, and this could be devastating for a game like Dead Space that relies upon its amazing atmosphere and nuanced story.

Putting this in the hands of an untested team might seem risky, even for EA. That’s probably why fans have floated the idea that the former developers license the property, but, again, aside from money concerns, that’s unlikely to happen.

So you can rest assured that a new Dead Space 4 game is not cancelled, but it is also not imminent.

The only real guarantee about Dead Space 4 right now is that fans definitely want the game.

Should you expect Dead Space 4 news in the future?

With Visceral Games closing last year, things are somewhat in limbo but this does not mean that the game itself is dead.

EA has not said the game is in development and we know for sure that it was not being developed by Visceral Games when the studio closed. The closest thing we can hope for is a release date within the next couple of years if it is announced soon. Of course, the game could come out of nowhere and see a release within the year, but that would relinquish the momentum (and marketing power) of steadily building hype.

..And the hype is real! #SaveDeadSpace4

Live Google Trends Chart for Dead Space 4

UPDATE #1: Visceral Games is having a little gathering for their old Dead Space crew. Check out the tweet below:

The old Dead Space crew met up tonight. @sethmarinello @AlexMooseCat @DinoIgnacio @WarrenPrice @Monkey_Pants

— Visceral Games (@VisceralGames) May 17, 2018

  1. I’ve given up on seeing a new dead space game. It’s been how many years now? Dead Space 3 was a complete let down and, IMO, Dead Space in name only. It didn’t seem to have hardly anything in common with 1 & 2. If it does happen, it’ll be another let down though I’d certainly take a chance on being surprised. 😀

    1. I’m not sure what game you played. We got more backstory on the Necromorphs, and a tangible (if unrepeatable) way to kill them en masse. Also an unresolved cliffhanger.

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