Many people don’t use mainstream media anymore to get their TV shows, movies or other videos. In fact, a good number of them are using some type of app to access the connection with an Internet connection.

This is attainable with the new VidMate for PC, allowing you to watch the entertainment you want without restrictions. The VidMate app is for both iOS and Android devices so that you can watch Live TV, movies and more on a mobile device for absolutely no cost to you.

However, many of the app users have no idea how it’s used on the Windows PC, which is good because there’s no app for the Windows Platform as of yet. There are, however, multiple options that let you download VidMate for Windows and PC. One such option is BlueStacks, an emulator that will let you install VidMate on your computer. BlueStacks developer recently released a part two version, which is used as an offline installer for your Windows computer.

What are some of the great features of BlueStacks 2?

  • Installs any Android app to your computer
  • Installs any app for free on your computer
  • Saves your device’s battery
  • Can see apps on a bigger screen
  • Easily change the BlueStacks’ screen size to fit the screen viewing on

There are some minimum requirements your computer should meet before installing the program:

  • 2GB of RAM
  • 4GB of hard drive space
  • Windows OS 7, 8, 8.1 or 10

When installing the BlueStacks, you have some minimum requirements, which include 2GB of RAM and 4GB of free hard disk space. Likewise, make sure that your computer is running Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 operating systems.

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