WhatsApp Bans WhatsApp Plus, Warns Users Against Installing It

WhatsApp Plus Ban

WhatsApp is Facebook’s second largest property after its namesake app. It was created as an alternative to pricey SMS services and lets users enjoy the convenience of sending private and group messages directly to people on their mobile phone’s contact list.

While it may be a considerably cheaper alternative, WhatsApp isn’t exactly free. A subscriber typically gets the first year free but each subsequent year will cost a dollar.

Considering the length of time you can use the app, a dollar isn’t much. Still, there are users (you might be one of them) who would prefer to get the service for free. Others want to unlock hacks that aren’t normally available in the app like customization.

That’s where WhatsApp derivatives come in. These freeware options allow people with accounts to do a whole bunch of things – from installing visual themes to adding emoticons.

Earlier this month, we blogged about the similarities and differences between two WhatsApp derivatives – WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp. However, we’ve recently come across reports that the original WhatsApp is banning these copycat versions.

A commenter on the xda forum posted WhatsApp’s response to a user asking about being banned (presumably from the original WhatsApp) because of using the derivative WhatsApp Plus.  On its FAQ page, WhatsApp emphasized that it was not responsible for nor associated with the people behind WhatsApp Plus. The answer went further to explain that using derivatives can prove harmful as there are no guarantees that the source codes used won’t be easy prey for scammers and hackers that prowl the interwebs.

If you are currently using WhatsApp Plus, it would be wise to heed the warning issued by the team at WhatsApp. After all, using the original app will always be better, safer in the long run.

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