If you don’t know and have an iOS device, TubeMate is now available for download. Not only can it be used for iOS devices but also Android devices, which make it a great option for people who love downloading videos from the Internet.

Although simple, it’s a quite powerful app, and it was designed to specifically to download YouTube videos. And, the latest version of it does support the latest iPhones running iPhone 6 or newer. It’s also downloadable from the Apple App Store even if your device hasn’t been jailbroken. Anybody with an iOS running device can download TubeMate to it – jailbroken or not.

It’s TubeMate’s download feature that makes it so popular with users. After all, it gives them the ability to download content in lightning fast times. Users can download 10 videos at one time, running perfectly in the background while you use the device for other things. Simply put, your device won’t lock while the app is downloading videos.

Another great reason to use TubeMate is that you can download the videos and convert them to an audio format – MP3. This is great for iPhone users who want to expand their music library without having to visit the iTunes store.

The latest iOS TubeMate version is 11.2.6, but cannot be found in the App Store. While you may find alternatives to TubeMate, they won’t be TubeMate. It would definitely be useful to have a jailbroken device here.

TubeMate can be used on any iPhone 5, 5S, 6 and 6S devices as well as the iPad. And, if you notice your Internet speed isn’t all that par, you can rest assured that the app will still work quickly to download your videos.

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