When it comes to video downloading these days, you have your choices of app to pick from. You’ve got TubeMate, VidMate and Videoder – each one provides similar services, but there’s always something different with each one. And sometimes, it is these differences that make it hard to discern which one is best for you.

What Similarities Do All Three Apps Share?

Each app is a video downloader that can operate on multiple platforms. TubeMate works on Windows and Android devices, Videoder is operational on Windows and Android devices, and VidMate is compatible with Windows, Android and BlackBerry devices.

Each app has an APK file for the Android platform, meaning you’ll need to download it from a reputable source online (not found in the Google Play Store). The process to install it is quite easy, despite what many think. You don’t need a technical degree to download and install it. You do need to know where certain settings on your device are.

The basic service of each app is the same – video downloads. It’s their differences that lead to you choosing one over the other.

For example, TubeMate was designed only to download YouTube videos. App developers changed this so that you can download any video from any website – not just YouTube. Videos are also downloadable in multiple resolutions and formats.

Similar to TubeMate, VidMate lets you download videos from any website including any social media website such as Facebook. You also pick what video quality you want, which helps in saving you disk space.

Videoder isn’t much different from the other apps, as you can get videos from anywhere including social media platforms.

What Are The Extra Services With All Three Apps?

Once you know the difference between each app, you can decide which one is right for you.

As it stands, both TubeMate and Videoder lets you share videos to a social media site. Two apps let you convert video into MP3s. They support playlists but in their own way. For example, TubeMate will let you download video that you sort into playlists; Videoder will let you download YouTube playlists.

Videoder offers a copy link detection tool. How does this work? The app will recognize a link you’ve copied for a music, video or media file. A popup appears asking you if you’d like to download the video.

VidMate has its own services. For example, you can watch roughly 200 live TV channels, view memes or create your own.
Sure, picking between the three is a bit hard to do, but it boils down into knowing what you want from the app. If you just want video downloading, any of them will do. If you’re looking for something specific, you may need to review the various features they offer and decide what you do or don’t want.

Each app is bound to see improvements. In fact, TubeMate just saw its April 2018 update released.

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