If you’re clued in on the latest news within the gaming industry, then you’ve doubtlessly heard a bundle of rumors about a possible release of Grand Theft Auto 6.

While Rockstar has yet to confirm the release date of the sixth installment of this well-loved gaming franchise, many an article has been published about when GTA 6 will be released and what fans can expect from it.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite tidbits from the ever-grinding rumor mill.

Ideas Abound

GTA 6’s rumor mill started grinding back in 2013 when Rockstar President Leslie Benzies hinted at a new addition to the gaming series being planned. When he spoke with Develop Magazine, he expressed that they’ve been throwing around some ideas for it.

A Word from Mr. Pachter

Reputable industry analyst Michael Pachter that predicts that the game could be as far away as 2022. In an interview with GamingBolt, he explained that Rockstar, GTA’s developer, isn’t accustomed to releasing new versions of a game too soon after the previous one. He cited Red Redemption 2 as an example. The sequel was released eight years after the first one came out. Pachter says a 2020 announcement and a 2021 release would be the best case scenario but the game isn’t likely to get here until after 2022.

The Know

Youtube channel The Know posted an exclusive update on the progress on GTA 6. According to an inside source the game is being developed under the code name Project Americas. It was named as such because players will have the ability to fly between the United States and South America. However, the game will be set largely in Rockstar’s version of Miami called Vice City.

This source also said that the game is coming in 2021/2022 which means Mr. Pachter might just have hit the mark.


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