More and more people are choosing video for their content. After all, it’s an easily-digestible format that gives someone a visual of what’s being discussed. This is particularly useful for certain matters. While video content can be found all over the Internet, some users don’t have the time or data to watch such information.

This is why the VidMate app was created. It lets users download videos from an array of sites, saving them precious data and allows them to watch it on their own schedule.

What Should You Know About The VidMate App?

It’s Usable On Multiple Platforms

While VidMate is more popular on the Android platforms, it’s installable on both Windows computers and BlackBerry… with limitations. For instance, the app is installable on Windows version 7-8.1, and 10 and BlackBerry devices need to have an OS of 10.2.1 or higher.

As it stands, no iOS devices can get VidMate. That may change in the future though, but you’ll have to make do with using an Android, computer or BlackBerry device.

It Lets You Watch Live TV

VidMate users can access roughly 200 TV channels that include Movie, News, Sports, Entertainment, Music and Fashion. VidMate is not just a video downloading app but lets you watch TV that other people are watching around the world on their televisions.

Previously, anyone who wanted to watch live TV was able to do so with FilmOn. However, the unlimited access format change, and now the service offers a two-minute preview before requesting users to pay for the show they are watching.

You Can Enjoy Memes

One of the great ways to blow off steam or kill some time is to look at different memes. Avoid using Google search to find these memes; VidMate offers it to its users. Just go to the dedicated memes tab on VidMate’s app. From there, you can browse the collection of memes. If you find something you like, you can download it. If you’ve used 9Gag’s app, the process is similar to it.

The VidMate app lets you come up with your own meme. Choose a picture from your phone’s gallery or take a new one to upload. You may find that your meme becomes an Internet sensation.

VidMate is free to users including downloads and live TV channels. That means there are no hidden charges, but you do have to put up with the ads, which is how the app survives. While ads can be annoying, if you want free services, you can’t really complain about it.

Be sure to get the April update of VidMate when it becomes available.

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