Perhaps there already a countless number of Android “hacking” or modifying apps in existence. However, there are only a few of those that works like a charm and is approved by many Android users all over the world.

Among these applications is the Lucky Patcher app. This application works well on most Android devices and their support team is always ready to do the best they can to improve the user experience.

About the Lucky Patcher app

The Lucky Patcher APK full version allows Android users to make the most out of their mobile devices for optimized user experience. The app is a perfect tool for users to tweak the system’s applications, unlock restrictions, and many others.

Going into the specifics, there are quite a number of ways that Android users can do with the Lucky Patcher app. For one, it allows them to remove license verification that is required by some applications. It also allows users to remove Google Ads, change app permissions and even create modified APKs.

What’s with the new Lucky Patcher APK Full Version?

April 2018 is another month full of updates on our favorite applications and the Lucky Patcher APK full version has their share of updates, too. Updated last April 9, 2018, the Lucky Patcher Version 7.2.2 is still totally free. Here are the following app updates that are part of this latest version.

  • System apps are now shown by default
  • Translations have been updated
  • Adcel ads skd now removed
  • A “Save purchase for restore” return back option is now available

Lucky Patcher Download and Support Details

Users who wish to get the latest Lucky Patcher APK full version for April 2018 may be downloaded through their official website,, and other trusted APK repositories online.

They can also reach out to their support team if there are any issues when they download the application. Also, there are tutorials on how to do any modifications to your Android device for your guidance.

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