Data is getting more and more expensive– we can’t be wasting any of it. But when you traveling, most of our monthly data allowances can be used in just one day!

Especially among young kids, we have to have our devices in our faces all around the clock. But using your smartphone for hours on end can suck up your data and punch a giant hole in your wallet. We spend hours every day streaming videos, music, and movies off of our smartphones, yet we don’t seem to realize just how much data is used during this time.

The numbers are shocking. Android Central suggests that just one hour of streaming high-quality audio can use upwards of 100 MB of data, and for some of us, that’s nearly 10 percent of our monthly data allowance. As for a video, even low-quality video can use up to 0.3 GB of data and high quality surging at around 1 GB of data usage in just one hour.

Luckily, this can all be avoided with one simple solution: VidMate!

Why VidMate?

VidMate is the best way to download videos, music, and movies to your smartphone directly from the web. VidMate gives you the opportunity to choose from more than 20 different streaming platforms so you’ll have no trouble finding the videos you want to download.

Browse apps like YouTube, Soundcloud, and Netflix and find your favorite movies, TV shows, music, or even just funny clips of cats playing pianos and effortlessly save them to your phone with VidMate.

With access to wifi, you can download your content to watch later. Got a big trip coming up? Download a movie or two to watch on the way without using up all of your data!

Unlike many of the “free” downloading services, VidMate allows you the freedom to download as many videos, movies, or songs as you want every day. With VidMate’s no-limit policy, you can download as much content as you want and they won’t stop you.

VidMate’s Dual-Edged Blade

VidMate isn’t just any normal video downloading platform either, where VidMate truly distances itself from the competition is its multi-purpose qualities. After downloading your videos or music, you can even convert them to other files in seconds.

For instance, if you downloaded a YouTube to your phone, you can use the application to convert it to an MP3 file to make listening easier and take up less space!

Still not convinced? Here’s a list of some of VidMate’s features directly from VidMate themselves:

  • Faster, advanced downloads through cloud technology.
  • Live Streaming of more than 100 different channels
  • Offered on the Google Play store
  • Ability to download multiple files at the same time
  • Optional Add-On built directly into your browser for ease of access

What more could you ask for?

Download VidMate today so you can save your data for what matters!

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