You might have been wondering how you will be able to use your older Android device for chatting with friends for family using the Facebook Messenger. The secret in doing this is that you don’t have to install it at all.

Well, you can just use either the lite version or the mobile version of the app. You could also follow this guide so that you could maximize the storage space of your outdated devices.

The workaround that you can use to solve this problem was developed by lorantm from XDA called Facebook Patcher. This is a Java app in which you can patch the most recent Facebook app. Thus, it makes the Messenger ultimately accessible. Here are the steps that you can mimic and try on your own.

  • Simply extract the APK of the most recent Facebook app for Android device.
  • Then, download the app called Facebook Patcher 100+ that you can acquire from the XDA forum source. Make sure that you are running the Java Runtime on your computer when doing this.
  • Open the Facebook Patcher 100+ app after downloading.
  • Choose the official Facebook APK that you have extracted earlier and choose one folder to save the patched APK.
  • Then, click the patch and move the new APK to the Android device you are going to use.

The patched APK can only be used if you are going to uninstall the official Facebook app on your device. This is necessary because both apps would cause conflict. After successful installation of the patched version of Messenger, you will be able to chat with anybody on your contact list from inside the app.

This method would surely gain you around 40-50MB of memory space that would’ve been occupied by the Messenger app on your Android device. Take note thought that you may not be able to use 100% of the functions you would have from the official Messenger app, but the important thing is that you could send messages anyone.

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