Undoubtedly, fans have been looking forward to the release of Half Life 3. The popular franchise has been out of the picture for a while since its release of Half Life 2 in 2004.

A number of top games like DOTA 2, Left4Dead, Portal, and Counter Strike may have kept Valve busy for a while now. But there is no clear reason why the developers seemed to have put the game into oblivion.

The first Half Life game was released in 1998, but the sequel immediately arrived after 6 years of development. More than 13 years have gone, but no update was released regarding any upcoming sequel.

In 2016, rumors about Half Life 3 to be under development were spread on the Internet. However, it was sad to note that those rumors were not confirmed by Valve. There were even rumors that the game will come by November 2018, which will exactly be the 20th year anniversary since the first Half Life was released.

Well, there are speculations that the game will be supporting full VR settings. Thus, it will provide players some more awesome experience with the game, since it will enable them to move around and not just look into the game.

In a more recent update though, Valve has allegedly been working on a reboot for the Half Life franchise. In fact, the company is looking forward to return to making games once again, at least in the near future.

In an announcement made by a Valve executive, a lot of pending titles are still in the works and the delays were brought about by the intention of the company to develop gaming hardware and platforms.

Although Valve has already hinted on working on Half Life, they may not be making progress on it yet. This is because they are planning to recreate Half Life first by applying the current generation VR support and technicalities.

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