Bethesda Game Studios is not releasing much news about its Fallout 4’s updates, keeping fans in the dark and loving every minute of their suspense.

The Latest Updates For Fallout 4

Based on information from Bethesda’s website, PS4 users will get a new feature that shows some pet support and addresses several Creation bugs like the Prototype Gauss Rifle, Arcade Workshop Pack and the Hellfire Power Armor. Updates were also seen for the game’s VR version as well as the Xbox One X.

The latest Fallout 4 update for the Xbox One X offers official support access. It also contended with several bugs such as updating the script functions that will support new creations, eliminate the Mods’ report button and repair damaged textures related to reflections.

Fallout 4’s VR gaming had its problems addressed with the version. New features were provided to better the user experience. Developed included various options to the VR settings like inverting the Pip-Boy map scrolling and altering the world scale to address the problems with height.

What Will Fans See With The New Fallout 4 Update?

Fans are looking forward to seeing what the latest update for Fallout 4 will be. One thing is certain they want better improvements and enhancements to the game. They’re also looking forward to the release of the 1.22 update. Bethesda has never been shy about fans offering their input about ways to improve the game.

In the meantime, fans need to be watchful of game updates and releases.

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