Fallout fans are anxiously awaiting word of a possible release date for Fallout 5. Bethesda Game Studios said it would release another installment to the popular game series but no word as to when that would happen. Fallout 4 was released near the end of 2015, and fans are impatiently waiting for the next installment’s release.

What Are The Rumors Going Around?

There have been a plethora of rumors on websites, forums and blogs about Bethesda’s news of a Fallout 5, but the most important question fans have remains unanswered – just when will Bethesda release the long-awaited Fallout 5 game?

Most fans believe the news will break sometime this year. Developers have been mum about it so far, but many people feel it won’t be long before they open their mouths and put to rest the rumors. Some fans speculate the game will be released in 2020, although they’re hopeful the game will be released way before then.

Fans have also offered up their own ideas about the game. Again, it’s all hearsay and based on what they see with Fallout 4. Rumors suggest Fallout 5 will take place in New Orleans or be linked to another popular series – The Elder Scrolls.

What Are Fans Expecting From Fallout 5?

Some fans are just itching for the rumors to become a reality. However, they’re also hoping that Bethesda will listen to them on some ideas. For example, they want Bethesda to offer a VR integration option. They would also like a Fallout Online version. Fans would like it if developers would give some importance to mods during the gameplay.

There are many rumors going around about Fallout 5 including its release date. Still, there is no official word from Bethesda regarding the game. One thing is clear though – fans want it sooner rather than later.

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