There has been a recent buzz that circulated the Web regarding a fake WhatsApp that is able to steal personal data. This is the app called WhatsApp Plus, which is a variant of the fraudulent WhatsApp riskware that was known in 2017.

Take note that the WhatsApp Plus app is being highlighted with a gold logo, instead of the original color green logo. It also has a URL and a handle being written on the inside. When you click on the Agree and Continue tab, you will also notice the outdated version.

The error message will lead you to the Google Play Store so that you will install the most recent version of the app. Nevertheless, you will be given an option to download, taking you to the URL from the logo colored in gold. You may also notice that the website has an Arabic content, which reveals the app developer’s details.

Developers at Malwarebytes have also reviewed the website and have found out that the app has been updated periodically. Moreover, according to them, the app is encrypted.

If you have already downloaded and installed the latest version of WhatsApp Plus on your mobile device, then you may be able to check about signs. The app is known to hide your last appearance, hide received and read texts, and hide the current writing features. Furthermore, you can see an option that would enable you to hide information about you playing a voice clip.

Accordingly, you will be able to hide that you have viewed a friend’s status via the settings menu. It also provides other features like support for a hundred photos to be shared at once, as well as secret password for privacy. Although you might have noticed that the app was able to mimic the original WhatsApp, other features would appear unique to WhatsApp Plus being a fake app.

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