Since its inception, WhatsApp continues to test its limits and transforms into becoming more than the average messaging platforms in the industry. Being one the leaders in the industry of making and strengthening connections no matter where they are in the world, this app just keeps getting better and better.

Today, this messaging app has bloomed more times than everyone could count just to keep its promise of providing high-quality messaging experience for all. Now the app is not anymore limited to mobile users, what could the WhatsApp PC Full Version Download for May 2018 bring to the table?

WhatsApp PC Full Version Download for May 2018: Pros and Cons

In order to create more ways to stay connected to their friends and loved ones through the app, WhatsApp made their services available for laptops or desktop computers. This way, communication on this app will not be limited to mobile phones or devices. For those who would want to download and install its PC version, here are the important advantages and disadvantages that are worth noting.


Still gets full end-to-end encryption like its mobile version

More privacy settings like blurred archived images

Easy installation and setup

Desktop-friendly user interface


Could not perform voice and video calls

Only allows sending photos and record audio messages

Despite the lack of features on its PC version, WhatsApp provides a consistent level of quality services when compared with its mobile counterparts.

Getting WhatsApp PC Full Version: Downloading and Installation

Both new and loyal users of the app can get the PC version easily. Through their official website, the WhatsApp PC Full Version Download for May 2018 by simply clicking on the Downloads tab and choosing the version that works for you.

Besides its desktop application, WhatsApp also offers other versions just like the WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Beta.

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