A lot of exciting new features have arrived in the March 2018 update of Clash of Clans. Aside from the already amazing Clan Games, it has also introduced the Builder Base update, which is a very important feature. But, these are just the beginning in a feature-packed update to be released in 2018.

Now, players can upgrade to Builder Hall 8, enjoy some changes to the original village, and get the Super PEKKA. Such changes are important as they would affect every player of Clash of Clans. This is regardless if you are just a casual player, one that participates in Clan Wars or Clan Games.

In addition, there will be a new feature to the village named “The Trader”, coming through occasionally. Since the last great update came in 6 months ago, perhaps this is time for a new big update to come in April 2018. This is because Supercell surely had a lot of time to make changes and new features to the game.

Nevertheless, you should get more excited with the Builder Hall 8. Currently, you will be able to get the Mega Tesla and the Super PEKKA. These are 2 of the most powerful items for the Builder Base, which go with some other meaningful updates.

Previously, a number of features were introduced in March 2018, which includes the following.

  • Powerful magical items like the Wall Ring, Builder Potion, and Resource Runes.
  • More than 8 new Clan Game challenges, wherein you will have to destroy 3 Mega Teslas in the Versus Battles.
  • Extra Rewards and Incentives in the Clan Games, such as free gems, Clan XP, and new achievements.
  • More affordable PEKKA which will be available in earlier TH levels.
  • More upgrades to Walls, changes to Inferno Tower, and decrease in damage to Wizard Tower Level 9, among others.

If you want to enjoy more new features from Clash of Clans, you should get your app updated to the most recent version.

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