The possibility of WhatsApp Web providing free calls and text is quite huge. In fact, in the recent update made by WhatsApp, it was going to launch a Web client application for Apple iPads.

This could possibly mean that the WhatsApp Web client would also receive the feature for voice calls as the iPad app has been working with the WhatsApp Web service.

Aside from that, WhatsApp has also released a recent WhatsApp Web app having the version number 0.2.8299. This is an update from the version 0.2.8000. The said update brought some improvement, including the new login page and some bug fixes to go with it.

Moreover, other references have found some hints for the anticipated arrival of the video calls to its Web version. However, it was only considered as a rumor by some enthusiasts.

It is not clear yet as to when the new update is going to be released. Therefore, the voice call features of WhatsApp Web and the standalone application to the Apple iPad might not be certain as of the moment.

One thing is certain, though, as the company has already started working on the said feature. So, you can expect this to be included for beta testers to make the most out of it.

In the current setup, WhatsApp Web can already send and receive text messages between the parties involved. This has been a great addition to the previous feature, which has enabled the easy-to-use feature, regardless of the device you are using.

For those who want to get up to date with this version of WhatsApp, you can mimic a few steps in order to activate WhatsApp Web.

  • On your PC or Mac browser, go to the link You might find this easy to remember, but you can always bookmark the page if necessary.
  • A webpage displaying a huge QR code will be the landing page to appear next, which you should scan using your phone.
  • This allows your smartphone to sync with WhatsApp Web. Simply open WhatsApp on your device and tap the menu button at the upper-right corner for Android and lower-right corner for iPhone.
  • Tap WhatsApp Web from your phone and it will be ready to scan the QR code you have just pulled up from your computer. Just point the camera towards the screen of the computer as you can see the QR code open.

The app will automatically sync after successful scanning of your phone of the code shown at the page. This will now be ready for you to continue with what you were doing on your PC or Mac.

Take note that WhatsApp Web utilizes a temporary login system. This means that you have to rescan the QR code all over the next time you visit the link. You might want to acquire the desktop app for both Windows and Mac. This will be useful if you are accessing the app from a dedicated computer aside from those in public locations.

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