WhatsApp’s popularity is due to giving people the ability to make voice calls. The only drawback is that the feature to make video or voice calls does not extend to computers.

Rumors are circulating that WhatsApp will soon over a voice call option on its desktop version. This would allow users to make voice calls right from the Web client. So, the question remains are developers working on this feature.

According to a reliable report, the company is allegedly releasing a Web client app for iPad users, which would also include the voice calling feature. This means that users of the popular Facebook-owned app would get to use their iPads with the WhatsApp Web service.

A new WhatsApp Web version was recently released – 0.2.8299, which offers a new login page and addresses an array of bugs.  It’s easy to download and use the WhatsApp Web program on your desktop. All you need to do is have an active WhatsApp account on your smartphone.

To use it on a smartphone, click WhatsApp to open it and hit the Menu button. Or, go to Settings and hit WhatsApp Web. On the computer, you’ll need to go to web.whatsapp.com. On the screen, you’ll be presented with a QR Code that you’ll need to scan with your phone’s camera to capture. This will allow you to use WhatsApp Web successfully on the computer.

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