One way of getting ahead of other people, when it comes to Android app updates, is to acquire the beta version of the file. This is what users of WhatsApp do being one of the most downloaded instant messenger apps in the planet.

If you want to get ahead of others, it might help to become a WhatsApp beta tester for Android devices. With the many people taking part in the beta testing campaign, you can also get into the trend.

Becoming a WhatsApp beta tester enables you to try out new features. But you are not required to ask permission or apply for this feature. Well, you can do this in just a few minutes without any hard stuff to go through.

  • You need to have WhatsApp Messenger installed on your mobile device. The Google Play Store is a great source for Android apps.
  • On your computer, you can enroll to a WhatsApp testing program by following this link:
  • You have to sign in to your Google account, in order to validate your chances of becoming a Beta tester.
  • Upon opening the page, you will notice a blue button that says “Become A Tester”. You have to click on this button to continue.
  • You will immediately be confirmed as a new tester as a note saying “You are now a Tester” substitute the old blue button you just recently clicked.
  • Officially, you have now become a WhatsApp Beta Tester. So, the next time you visit the Play Store, a suffix “Beta” will be seen next to WhatsApp Messenger. At the same time, you will be notified that you are already a beta tester of WhatsApp.
  • You need to launch the Play Store from your phone. You also need to tap the hamburger button that can be seen at the top left corner. Then, tap the “My apps & games” option.
  • As soon as the updates are available, you will be able to determine with the notification. All you need to do is to tap “Update” and the next thing to happen is that the latest WhatsApp beta version has been installed on your phone.


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