WhatsApp Web is arguably the best thing that happened to the messaging app that originally started as an alternative to SMS. The mobile application, which uses your internet connection instead of SMS fees, has moved closer to desktop users running on iOS or Windows.

Specifically, users of WhatsApp Web want to know: What’s the latest on the app so far?

WhatsApp Web Version and Features

Before we discuss any updates on WhatsApp Web, it’s important to remind everyone that WhatsApp is available for desktop computers.

Just open the WhatsApp mobile app, tap WhatsApp Web and capture the QR code found on the WhatsApp website to start using the Web client immediately. To keep your phone in sync with your PC, download the Web app for your Mac or Windows.

Now, onto the latest updates on WhatsApp Web. As of this writing, the desktop version has these features:

  • Start a new chat or continue with your previous conversions by looking them up on the list.
  • Get notifications when someone messages you by turning on the desktop notifications
  • Calls are free but are only available for iPhone, Android and Windows phones.

What these all means is this: you can WhatsApp (message) friends or family using the Web version but you have to use your mobile app to place calls.

Incoming: Calls for WhatsApp Web?

The tech grapevine is rife with rumors about certain features to be added to the Web version. And one such feature, you guessed it right, is the ability for desktop users to make voice calls via WhatsApp.

As of the moment, only mobile users can make voice calls on WhatsApp. It has been reported fairly recently that iPad users and eventually, all other desktop users might be able to enjoy this feature.

While this remains a speculation (no verifiable source from the company has spoken about this), the calls feature will certainly make the experience of using WhatsApp Web on par with its mobile counterpart.

WhatsApp Web for Business Owners

What we do know is that WhatsApp Web can now be used by small business owners to communicate with their customers online.

In January, WhatsApp rolled out its dedicated business app that enables small businesses to create their own business profiles, including a description of the business and contact details. They are also listed as businesses to alert users right away.

WhatsApp Business also has a feature that lets a business owner send quick replies to frequently asked questions, greetings to new customers, or “away” messages.

Moreover, business owners can send and receive messages on their desktop computers using WhatsApp Web.

The WhatsApp Business app targets small business owners all over the world. For now, they are available to download for free in the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Indonesia, and Mexico.

It’s still the first quarter of the year and a lot can happen to WhatsApp Web. You can count on us to deliver to you the hottest news and latest updates on the Web version of the messaging app.

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