YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website there is. It’s home to more than one million video content – be it a music video, news, random stuff, etc. How nice it would be to download your favorite video and watch it offline any time you want. You can… with TubeMate.

TubeMate is a popular app that lets users download their favorite videos – whether they’re on YouTube, Facebook or wherever – and store those videos on their device. There is no limit to how many files you can download and save. It’s up to the user how many downloads they want to take part in.

What Can You Expect When Using TubeMate’s Latest Version?

TubeMate’s April 2018 version is promising that YouTube videos will be of high-quality. You’ll have the option to choose which format you want to save in.

You’ll have more control over the video’s size as well as where to save the downloaded video. This lets you know where to find your file after the download has completed.

The app will download videos even as users do something else such as stream YouTube videos, surf Facebook or make a Tweet. You can also chat while the downloading is going on.

Keep in mind that the new APK file, with its new features, will be offered in April.

All Formats Available

TubeMate was first geared toward Android device users, but it’s now being offered on other platforms such as iOS and Windows.

TubeMate makes the downloading video process easy, ensuring that users have a great experience with it.

3 Cool Features TubeMate Has To Offers Its Users

Most people understand that the app TubeMate can be used to download videos from an array of video multimedia sites. It offers a plethora of features, but there are three of them that stand out the most

Concurrent File Downloads

It can be tedious to download one video and then another back to back. However, with TubeMate’s latest feature, you don’t have to deal with that. Instead, of downloading each video individually, you can download them all at one time.

You’ll save yourself an array of time by taking advantage of this option. You don’t know when you’ll be spending a lot of time doing nothing. Wouldn’t it be fun to have some videos to watch while you wait?

You may have the option to watch them on YouTube or some other video streaming site, but don’t forget that streaming videos can take up data you may or may not have. Using that data for something else rather than streaming is why TubeMate became so popular.

By downloading videos to your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be ready to face any day that seems to drag out.

Format Converter

Previously, you could download YouTube video audio – great for people who just wanted music on their smartphone or tablet. However, it meant also using a computer and transferring the data over to the device via a cable and software. It was very time-consuming. Today, TubeMate makes it easier – everything is done on the phone.

If you like a video, but for its music, you can use the TubeMate APK (similar to PCs’ EXE file and install it. Once the app is open, locate the file you want to be downloaded and tap the green arrow button.

After it’s downloaded, go to the Download menu and tap the menu options. You have two options here:

  • Convert to MP3 – You’ll need the MP3 Media Converter app to make this work.
  • Save as MP3 – The video is extracted, and the video’s audio is then saved as an MP3 file.


Use themes to organize your files into playlists to download. This lets you watch like-minded videos wherever you are.

There is so much to TubeWatch, but knowing how each feature works is sure to enhance your experience.

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