If you haven’t heard about TubeMate yet, then it is about time that you do. This is because TubeMate is now available for Windows. However, this can be possible by using an emulator because you can only install it on an Android platform.

Basically, TubeMate is an app that would allow you to download videos from the Web. You can even select the resolution and format available according to your needs. Such would include 3gp, mp4, and avi formats that you can choose from.

BlueStacks is a favorable app that you can use to emulate Android on your PC. So, you need to run it first before you can proceed with the download and installation of TubeMate on your PC. Thus, you have to download BlueStacks from a reliable website and install it after downloading the file.

The TubeMate app can be downloaded from the emulator. Just make sure you have also downloaded a copy of TubeMate from the same reliable source that you can find online. Take note of some security issues when you download any file from just any website you think that can provide you with the app you are looking for. Always have an antivirus installed on your PC to avoid downloading malware in the process.

Downloading videos on YouTube is never an easy process without getting help every now and then. Good thing you can now use TubeMate to download YouTube videos, as used by millions of people worldwide.

The benefits of downloading videos via Android will now be available on your PC. You can take advantage of fast download even with multiple connections. It is also useful if you want to convert the video into an MP3 content.

If you are still looking for smart ways to download popular clips from YouTube, then TubeMate should be your only option.

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