Millions of people would rather watch videos then read content. After all, video is visual, which makes it easy to digest what the content is trying to show. While video content can be found everywhere a person looks, people often don’t have time or data to watch the material.

This is why VidMate was created.

The VidMate app lets users download videos from an array of sites including YouTube and other social media sites. Thanks to the app, people can watch video whenever they want wherever they are.  What else should you know about this amazing app?

VidMate Is Offered On Multiple Platforms

While VidMate was first offered on the Android operating system, it’s not available for Windows PCs and Blackberry devices… with limitations. It’s only installable on Blackberry devices with an OS of 10.2.1 or newer. Windows users must have Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 to install the app successfully.

There is currently no iOS option, but that could change in the future.

VidMate Lets Users Watch Live TV

There was a time that FilmON offered unlimited access to live TV from anywhere in the world. This is no longer an option. Instead, it offers two-minute previews before users are asked to pay to continue watching live programming.

VidMate, however, lets users watch about 200 channels – be it News, Movie, Fashion, Entertainment or Sports. It’s not just an app that lets people download videos and watch them offline; it’s an app that lets people enjoy what is playing on the TV now.

Users Can Enjoy Memes

Memes let people pass their time or escape the blues. Instead of using Google to look for memes, VidMate is offering the service. The VidMate app has a dedicated meme tab that lets people browse through. Once a person likes a meme, they can download it.

Users also have an option to create a meme of their own, using a picture from their phone’s gallery or taking a new photo and uploading it.

All of VidMate’s services are free to use. There is no cost to download the app and no hidden charges. The App does use ads to survive. While these can be annoying, it’s the best way to not be charged and enjoy the app. Users are encouraged to get the April 2018 version of VidMate when it becomes available.

but it is something you have to deal with for wanting free services. To enjoy the best of VidMate, make sure to get April 2018 version.

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