The cross-platform feature that Minecraft has to offer has led to a rise in the game’s popularity. Due to its popularity, its developer, Mojang AB, released a Minecraft: Pocket Edition version Users can download it for free.

This is the kind of news all Minecraft fans with Android devices have been waiting for.

Users can download the latest version to play the various worlds that have been created. They have the option to build whatever they want such as simple homes, large castles, weapons and armor and other things to fight off mobs and other invaders.

The great thing about the latest APK file is that it addresses the errors that arise from handling. It also comes with better 3D graphics and sound quality. You can also use a joystick to play the game.

Developers Come Up With 3 Mods To Appease Fans 

The latest APK comes with a Transport Mod for advanced vehicles, making it 17 for the Minecraft game. The mods provide users with a whimsical experience, which includes planes, cars, tanks, bulldozers and others for users to use. Vehicles can also be created, and let go by tapping on the ground.

The developer, in 2016, came up with a Pocket Furniture Mod that included nine furniture varieties to enhance worlds. When users exited the world, the position was not salvageable. The latest version deals the problem.

There’s also the Morphing Mod Rod, which can be used against mobs. How does it work? You become the mob.

With the various mods being converted into MPE codes, several mods are no longer usable.

Latest Game Update Offers New Expansion

Android devices will see new expansion in their latest Minecraft update such as an Aquatic Expansion. There’s also a built-in streaming option that provides familiarity in what the Mixer can do. The Mixer production team broke away from the app to develop the custom-map that included addressing in-game problems.

The map can be downloaded freely and used on any Android-running device. Users are advised to move the file into the right directory using the file manager app. Development was completed on desktop versions, but the including it for Android devices has ensured its success.

Developers also came up with the Aquatic content, which adds new details to rivers and oceans. The new expansion will be offered sometime this year. With the new expansion comes new weapons, which can you make yourself to explore the deeper waters.

Reports suggest a new monster will be seen – something similar to a manta ray.

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