TubeMate does its main service really well. But there’s so much more to the app than being used to download videos off various multimedia sites. While the app has many outstanding features, these are the ones that you should really take advantage of:

Simultaneous file download

How tiring is it to download one video after another? Well, it won’t be such a problem if there’s about five of them. But what if you go beyond that number? Wouldn’t it be nice to just download all of them in just one go? Luckily, you can do that with TubeMate.

Being able to download multiple files at once saves you time. Plus, you never know how long you are going to spend in one place so it’s best to have many videos lineup up in a queue to watch. Commutes are becoming longer thanks to traffic, but you can “enjoy” the wait more when you’ve got a stash of videos waiting to be watched.

Sure, you can always watch videos on YouTube or any other video sharing website. Videos have also invaded social media. But watching video content eats up precious data, and let’s face it, you might need that data for something more important later on.

So why not download videos for offline viewing instead? You can do so the night before so you’re good to go for the day’s commute or maybe even the laundry place.

Format converter

In the past, it was possible to download just the audio of a video on YouTube. This was a particularly useful feature for those who wanted just the music on their devices. But doing so required the use of a computer. You had to download the file on your computer than transfer it to your device with the help of software and a cable. But with TubeMate, you can do everything from your phone.

So if there’s a video you like but just want to keep the audio – a music video, for example – then you can get the TubeMate APK (it works like an EXE on PCs) and install the app on your phone. Once you fire up the app, find the video you want to download then tap on the green download arrow.

Once the download is complete, go to the Download menu and tap on it to get menu options. You can tap on either Save as MP3 or Convert to MP3. The former extracts and saves a video’s audio as an MP3 file. The latter requires the download of an app called MP3 Media Converter.


Instead of randomly choosing which videos to play, why not organize your downloads into themes and put them into playlists? This way, you can have a collection of similar-themed videos to watch on a long commute or while waiting for your laundry to dry.

Taking advantage of these features allows you to get the best out of TubeMate. And to make sure that you really get the best, always get the latest version.

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