Video has become the content of choice by many people across the world. The format is easy to digest, plus it helps to have a visual when discussing certain matters. Although video content is available in droves, users either lack the time or the data to view such informative material. This is where the VidMate app comes to the rescue: it allows users to download videos from a range of sites, including social media. With such a tool, users can now watch video content at their leisure.

VidMate is a great tool, but what else do you know about it? Here are some interesting information:

#1: VidMate is available on several platforms

Although it is popularly associated with the Android platform, VidMate can also be installed on a Blackberry and Windows PCs. However, there are limitations. The app can only be installed on a Blackberry with OS 10.2.1 or higher. Windows users need to have versions 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 in order to install the app.

Sadly, VidMate isn’t available for the iOS platform. Who knows if that will change soon? But for now, you have to make do with the app on Android, Blackberry, and PCs.

#2: VidMate allows you to watch live TV

FilmOn used to be able to provide unlimited access to live TV from across the globe. That changed in the last couple of years, with the service now providing two minute “previews” before asking users to pay in order to continue watching.

With VidMate, you can access around 200 channels that covers Entertainment, Fashion, Movie, Music, News, and Sport. So VidMate is more than just an app that lets you download video off various multimedia sites; it also allows you to enjoy what other people around the globe are watching on their television.

#3: VidMate lets you enjoy memes

Looking at various memes is a good way to pass the time or beat the blues. So rather than conduct Google searches for the best ones, VidMate offers it as part of their ecosystem. There is a dedicated tab for memes on the VidMate app and once there, you can enjoy browsing through the collection. If there is one that you like, you have the option to download it – a feature you may be familiar with if you have used 9Gag’s app.

VidMate also allows you to create your own meme. You can use a picture from the gallery of your phone or you can take a new one then upload it. Who knows if someone would like what you created?

VidMate is available free of charge. Yes, for all the services it provides – free video downloads and live TV channels – the app costs nothing to download. No hidden charges whatsoever. However, the app does support ads, which is how it survives. Ads may be an annoyance but it is something you have to deal with for wanting free services. To enjoy the best of VidMate, make sure to get April 2018 version.

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