If you haven’t been exploring your iPhone in a while, you might have missed some cool new tricks aside from Siri answering your questions. One of these tricks is to read out notifications loudly. Actually, it is using the voice bank of Siri, which you can do so with your own device.

Come to think of it as something identical to the in-car notification system of Siri. This is very useful when you can’t use your hands in order to see a new notification that arrived on your iPhone. Say for instance, when you are driving a vehicle.

Here are a few tips on how you can do it without jailbreaking your iPhone.

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility. This portion allows you to see the first line referring to the “VoiceOver” feature. Well, you can leave that for a while.
  • You need to scroll towards the bottom of the screen to tap “Triple-click Home” option and choose the “VoiceOver” feature. This will be a faster way of deactivating the mode to voice over.
  • Scroll back above the “Accessibility” tab and tap the “VoiceOver” option from there.
  • Scroll downwards and turn the option “Speak Notifications” on before switching the new feature on.
  • Scroll to the top and turn the VoiceOver feature on.

Take note that anything you tap will be chosen but not opened. In this case, the iPhone will only speak the name of the item. You just give a subsequent double-tap if you want to open or launch things. What’s more interesting is that the iPhone will read any notification that comes through for you to just listen.

Additionally, you can reduce the amount of talk coming out of your Apple device by disabling “Speak Hints” option. This will be accessible via the settings at the “VoiceOver” mode.

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