Every now and then, people would want to download scientific articles without paying some money for it. Well, if you are one of them, then there is no need to worry. This is because you can get paid scientific articles without having to pay a single penny.

This is common among students, researchers, or even professors who want to get surrounded by tons of scientific articles. Needless to say, these are very useful in class discussions, case studies, reports, and theses.

You might have a lot of sources available online, but they require you to pay some amount of money, which you can get for free. In fact, some of the cheapest rates are around $30, which can be very expensive to consider researching a particular topic.

Simply mimic the steps you see below to begin with searching the right scholarly articles you might be looking for.

  1. Google Scholar

Students commonly encounter Google Scholar, which is a perfect tool to search a number of scholarly articles online. They include peer-reviewed journals, abstracts, and physical books.

Just type scholar.google.com from the address bar on your browser or you can type directly on the search box “Google Scholar”. Then, you need to enter the keywords to see what comes up next.

  1. Download Free PDFs

You can get loads of PDFs from Google Scholar, which you can get a few files on your initial search. Most of the time, you would feel lucky because they might already be given for free. Just click on the PDF link pertaining to the most relevant article available. You can notice the article to automatically download when it is offered for free.  Otherwise, you might get re-routed to an abstract where you can download the full version for a price.

  1. Sign Up On JSTOR

You might also want to add more literature from JSTOR to your to-read list. This is if the Google Scholar is not enough for your type of research. Basically, JSTOR is a teaching and online research platform. You can set up an account for free, but you can only store 3 articles for that matter.

You will be given unlimited access if you pay $19.50 per month, but it will already give you access to the free full version of the PDFs. A shelf will be given to you where you can get 3 articles. Simply remove the items on your shelf if you want to add another set of articles on your account.

For this reason, be reminded that you can get limited searches from the database of JSTOR. Just use the same keywords you use on the Google Scholar.

  1. ERIC

The Archive of Journal and Non-Journal Academic Content or ERIC is part of the Department of Education in the U.S. This serves as a collection of academic publications, which contains book sources and gray literature aside from journal publications.

The journal and non-journal material indexed by ERIC has been peer-reviewed. It even adds new research publications sources two times each year to the index database system.

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