How To Download Themes On iPhone, iPad, And iPad Touch

Download Themes On iPhone, iPad

You might be wondering how you can apply some cool themes on your iPhone even without jailbreaking it. Well, it is possible because there are a number of themes that you can install on your old or new iPhone.

The idea of downloading themes for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch has become so popular these days because it would take longer to get a jailbreak in between the iOS releases. So, people would choose the installation of themes instead.

You can use the iSkin platform to install themes on your device. This can be done via the Safari Web browser even without jailbreaking your phone. Here is how you can install themes on your device. But first, you need to mimic the steps below.

  • Visit in your Safari on your Apple device you want to apply theme.
  • Then, you have to scroll down and tap the “Browse all themes” button in order to show a list of themes available for picking.
  • After choosing the theme that you like, tap on the Applications icon button, which allows you to choose which apps you want to have on your Home screen.
  • You can tap on each of the app icons for your theme to choose. Ensure to give each app the name you need to have from the text fields you can see at the right portion of each app icon.
  • After getting satisfied with the selection that you made, scroll downwards and tap on the “Install icons” button next.
  • You will be prompted to wait a couple of seconds while the installation is ongoing. You will then be asked to install a profile for configuration.
  • Click the blue “Install” button to continue.
  • You will be asked to enter the passcode and tap the blue “Install button” again. You will need to tap the red “Install” button in order to confirm.
  • Tap again the blue “Done” button to return to Safari.
  • The theme will then take a few seconds to install the theme pack on your Home screen.
  • The installation will be good if the green box is being displayed. Just wait a moment before returning to your Home screen and scroll to the last page where you see the themed app icons.
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