Minecraft has become a quite popular computer game for the young and old (young at heart) who enjoy video games. It was originally created for the computer and this is where it developed its rather large following. As more and more people started discovering it and cell phone usage exploded all over the world, it seemed natural that the game developer would create a Pocket version.

The Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK for Android was what they came up with. It is designed especially for the small screen found on mobile devices that are running on Google’s Android OS. The APK file format is the way that your phone or tablet receives its apps via download from the Google Play Store.

Key Premium Features

  • Supports all versions of Android OS on mobile devices
  • Multiplayer across WiFi network
  • Designed specially to fit the small screen of a mobile device

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK for Android

The pocket version of the wildly popular Minecraft looks and feels exactly like the full-sized version designed for the computer. The game is based on multipurpose blocks that are used to create wondrous worlds filled with whatever the user can dream up. Whether it is massive castles surrounded by a moat or huge mansion with a stadium in the backyard, you have all of the capabilities in the palm of your hand.

Despite its small size, the pocket version of Minecraft looks and feels exactly what you are used to when you play it on your computer. The fact that the graphics are not designed to be amazing they do not overtax the limited processor that is found in most typical Android mobile devices. The virtual joystick makes it relatively easy to play the game on your Android phone, but it will take you a little time to get used to the movements and controls of the pocket version of the game. However, once you are more familiar with how it operates on your mobile device you will be able to enjoy hours of gameplay wherever you are.

Download and play Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK on your Android For Free

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a free app that is easily downloaded and installed using the APK (Android Package Kit) file system. The download is a fairly small size file (approximately 62.46 MB) as compared to other apps, but you still need to be sure that you have enough room on your mobile device before you consider installing it. According to a number app sites, Minecraft: PE APK for Android is pretty highly rated by users, with an average rating of 4.4 stars.

Once you have it installed on your Android mobile phone or tablet you will be ready to enjoy the same amount of fun that you enjoyed on your computer. The pocket version of Minecraft was designed especially for the smaller screen, which means the action on the screen is proportioned just right for the smaller screen and not just all squished in on a small sized screen.

If you are a fan of Minecraft and want to be able to enjoy it wherever you are at then you just have to get the Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK for Android.

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