Do you have an out-of-date version of Play Store that can no longer be updated on the app itself? Many older Android devices are unable to support the latest Play Store. So, if you want the latest Play Store version, you may need to search the Internet for the APK file.

Besides getting the APK file for the Play Store, you may need to get the APK file of any app you’d want. This means you need to set your device up to accept and install apps from unknown sources. How do you do this?

Enabling Your Device To Accept Unknown Sources’ Files

Just go to your device’s Settings. Hit Security and then Unknown Sources. Tap it to enable the device to download and install unknown source files. Bear in mind that this could potentially lead to malware being installed on your phone through a compromised website.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the APK file you wanted, go back into your device’s Settings, Security and Unknown Sources area. Tap it again to disallow the device from downloading anything from the ‘Net without your permission.

Make sure you download any APK file from a reputable source, using either the device itself or your computer. Type in the app’s name and get the latest version of it.

Transferring APK File From Computer to Android Device

If you’ve downloaded the APK file to your computer, you’ll need to get it to your Android device. In order to do this, you need either an SD card or a USB cord. With the cord option, you connect your computer to the Android device. After the transfer is over, remove the cable.

Look for the APK file on your device and install it.

With the latest Play Store version installed, your device is safeguarded from potential threats. Of course, it’s best to wait for the app’s official version rather than look for its APK file on the Internet. You never know what you get with the APK file if the source you get it from is less than reputable.

Google Offers Play Store Version 8.4.40

Google is tirelessly working to provide people with high-quality products, which is done only through continuous improvement. It’s why many of Google’s apps see an update on regular basis. And, it appears that its Play Store is getting an update too.

This should come as no surprise to Android users, as they see an updated Play Store every couple of weeks. So, what are the newest additions to Google’s 8. (Tramadol) 4.40 version of Play Store?

Where To Attain Google Play Store 8.4.40 Version

Google’s 8.4.40 version is only available through third-party sources, meaning you’d have to get the APK file to attain the newest update. You’ll need to conduct a search online for the file.

If you detest the idea of getting updates from a third-party source, it may be some time before the official sources update your device. If your phone has yet to receive the latest update, it could be a bit longer – weeks even – before everybody with an Android device has the update.

If, however, you’re a lucky Android user with the latest update, you should get a notification that the update is available. The update should begin automatically downloading in the device’s background.

You may also see a notification in the Play Store itself. However, it’s important to understand that the app may not yet be stable. It is still being worked on. If you notice bugs or problems, rest assured, the developers are working on them. The latest version does have some minute improvements for its stability.

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