Reminder apps are quite useful if you are one of those people who often need to be reminded about important or even trivial things. So, if you are going to decide on what appropriate reminder app you need to consider, perhaps the list below can help you out.

Top Reminder Apps For iPhone

  • Things 3 – is a professional grade reminder that you can use as a task manager app or your Apple mobile device, such as the iPhone or the Apple Watch. It is a famous app for iOS or watchOS devices, which is also a reliable, task management, and to do app that would help you organize and make your life balanced.
  • Due – is another reminder app that has all the features, making it a great app for iPhone users. It also has 2 main features, which include no need to create new account in order to get started and no need to set beginning or end date.
  • Checkmark 2 – is a location-based reminder application that you can use for your iPhone. You will be able to set your location-based reminders as well as date or time-based reminders. You may also find it useful for recurring reminders, one-tap rescheduling, and prioritizing drag ‘n drop feature.

Top Reminder Apps For Android

  • BZ Reminder ­– is a versatile reminder app for Android that you can use without taking your phone out. This is compatible for Android Smart Watch, where you will be able to create reminders from. Organizing your reminders distinctively can also be done by putting them in varied colors. Aside from that, the app also has customizable widgets and calendar to remind you of who you need to call whenever you missed a call from.
  • Just Reminder – is a great reminder app that you can use for letting you know of any upcoming anniversaries, birthdays, or tasks. It also has a Speech-to-Text feature to enable texting without using the keypad. Customizing reminders is also possible via pictures, ringtones, or alarm tones. It also provides an auto snooze and LED blink features for supported devices.
  • Life Reminders – is surely a great option if you seriously want to remember the most important events in your life. You can download the app to be available in Danish, Dutch, English, French, Russian, and Spanish. The app would remind you of the things that you need to do and it would help you accomplish the task. ( The reminder would be separated into sections, namely today, tomorrow, later, or this week. However, you can also make your own categories that you can personalize using icons and colors that you would like.

If you are a busy person with so many things to accomplish, remembering everything might be a bit of a challenge doing on your own. This is where reminder apps would come in handy to help you avoid missing anything. If you think reminder apps are useful for your lifestyle, then feel free to read more related articles within this website.

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