Forget about 2K and 4K TVs, the new technology available is that of 8K TV. It is expected that 2018 will be a year during which most of us will be able to buy such TV, if our budget allows us to.

Samsung confirmed that 8K TVs will be available in 2018

Even if the astronomical prices might force most of us to buy 4K TVs, those who can afford it, will be able to buy 8K TVs. Samsung has confirmed that its 8K TV will be available this year, possibly starting the second half of 2018. By the looks of it during CES 2018, the TV will be an 85-inh model, meant for big walls.

Is this 8K Samsung TV worth the money?

Many are wondering whether or not this kind of TV is worth paying a large sum of money. Some believe it is worth buying such TVs, given their many pixels and powerful engine.

Most 8K TVs will be available in 2019

Most TV brands will release 8K technology in more than one year, meaning that those who purchase an 8K TV will have to upscale everything to the 7680×4320 pixel count. However, upscaled pictures are not a permanent and effective replacement for the pixel for pixel pictures.

Those who saw the 8K TVs at CES 2018 declared they were impressed by the clarity of the pictures, the details and the reduced compression noise. Other impressive features are the enhanced sharpness and extra details which make the experience very realistic. The bigger the screen, the better the experience. Samsung is bringing its a-game this 2018 with the new 8K TVs.

The lack of 8K content is a good reason to wait a good while before purchasing such an expensive TV. Many enthusiasts are already saving money.

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