Ever since its release, Mass Effect Andromeda has been met with disappointment by gamers and some even started harassment campaigns online. The game failed to meet expectations for both fans and corporate sale goals.

Try playing as Management Sim

The game is about starting a new civilization in a far away galaxy. Colonizing takes a lot of work and there are hundreds of things to be done. It is a complex game and even if the player is called the Pathfinder, in reality it is mister fixing everything, from fuses to other elevated labors. All in all, the player can feel indispensable with everything that needs to be done.

The game brings satisfaction for hard-working players

Those who manage to complete tasks and work hard are going to find the game satisfying. Players have declared that activities such as speeding in the Nomad to broken down space gizmos and helping finding missing colonists feel like daily rituals.

Those who enjoy exploring and finding planets for Milky Way inhabitants will enjoy Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Voeld: “Habitat 6”

This planet was supposed to be inhabited by humans, turians, asari and salarians. The Milky Way inhabitants expect a temperate climate and luxurious vegetation. Once there, they are forced to live in a cold and desolate world and live in deep caves. This happened due to a cataclysmic event and everything was frozen.

Inhabitants are attacked by rock monsters, while they spy on smugglers or try to loot alien dig sites.

Some find the game pretty exciting and have compared inhabiting planets as a shopping session for redecorating a house. For both you need a quest list and a good plan.

All in all, the game can be enjoyed for those with patience.

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