Several Motorola devices will soon see the Android 8.0 Oreo update. The first set of phones to get the update will be the Moto G phones. The Oreo update was first seen for Nexus and Pixel phones, but Google is working to offer to other phone manufacturers like Motorola.

This means the following Moto phones will soon see the Oreo update:

  • G4
  • G4 Plus
  • G4 Play
  • G5
  • G5 Plus
  • G5S
  • G5S Plus

Motorola recently released the Midnight Blue for the Moto G5S, with the Nougat operating software. Motorola announced it would also get the Oreo update.

There is a lot to enjoy with the Moto G5 Plus smartphone – it’s got four gigs of RAM and has a 3,000mAH battery. With its specs, the Oreo update will highlight the best features of this Moto phone. It also uses stock Android, which does not include any bloatware.

The Moto G5S phone has three gigs of RAM, a 32GB internal storage and runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 430, 1.4 GHz octa-core CPU. All worthwhile specs that make it a big hit for the Oreo update.

Are you a Moto G smartphone owner? If so, then wait to upgrade your phone because it comes with a plethora of enjoyable features.

Of course, there will be a minute number of Android devices that won’t get the update right away. And, it may take some time before other smartphone manufacturers see it.

Moto fans are in store for even more good news. The company is currently working with the next line of smartphones that will include the G6 line. No details as to what people would see with these phones, however.

What are the Oreo update’s most looked-forward-to features?

  • Background Limits – This will limit how many apps run in the background including broadcast, location, etc.
  • Notification Channels – Google added this feature, so users have better control over their app notifications.
  • Picture-In-Picture – This feature will be useful, as it lets users watch videos while in other apps. The video screen will just get smaller.

Have you tried out the Oreo update beta version? If so, then you have an inkling of an idea what to expect from the full version when it goes live.

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