2018 comes with great news and bad news, everyone.

The developer and designer of the Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the famous Daniel Kaplan, announced early today via a Twitter message that those good people who are working to improve this game for us had learned about the player’s opinions, suggestions and feedback.

Good news

They said that they will pay attention to those when making updates to the game and they will try to make us all happy. Then, he ended the message with a great piece of news, that illustrated that the popular game, will be released somewhere around next month. It will be played on the smartphone, as mentioned from the very beginning in the title, a detail revealed by the name of the game “pocket edition”.

Aspect of the game, more animals and happy players everywhere

The designer also said that this first update is a huge deal when it comes to the importance of the aspect of the game, that, we supposedly say, it will be highly improved. Probably they will add new blocks and more animals, and we cannot be more thrilled. These will be available very soon and this will represent the beginning of the game and it will show how popular it will become and how much time it will take to survive among players. Also, the annoying bugs will be fixed and they will also add more doors and fences to make the experience remarkable.

Here comes the bad news

You’re asking about the not so good part? Well, here it is no crafting for us just yet, as the GUI redesign is needed for this thing, and this might take some time, as said by Kaplan.

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