Minecraft Players Can Use Mods To Enhance Their Game Playing

Minecraft has undergone a plethora of changes since its inception – changes that have been fun for players. But, there’s just one key change that Minecraft fans are not happy with.  Why? The latest update saw Minecraft developers take away one of the best features players enjoyed in the game.

That feature “Better Together Update” was Microsoft’s answer to bring players of various platforms together in one game. Unfortunately, with the written language currently in the game, Minecraft Mods from a third-party maker is no longer allowed.

However, if players would like to use the mods they currently have, they can with the Minecraft Bedrock edition. For example, Minecraft 1.11.2 is one version that has a copious number of mods to use.

How Are Minecraft Mods Installed?

Installing Minecraft mods is rather easy to do, and depending on the mod version and type, you have various ways to do so. You may need to downgrade your version of Minecraft to do this. Before you do, make sure to back up the worlds… should something bad happen in the process.

The quickest way in which to install a Minecraft Mod is using a mudpack. A mudpack comes with everything you need – preconfigured and preinstalled. You just install it and play it.  If you want some mods for Minecraft 1.11.2, you should consider Ultimate Car Mod 1.11.2, which lets you built a Minecraft car, generate diesel and create roads.

You can also get a Magical Map Mod for 1.11.3, which lets you create a Minecraft World structure.

Minecraft Mobile Not Safe From Cyberattacks

It looks like nobody can prevent a cyber attack from happening to them, even games like Minecraft have become a target for such malicious behavior.

Although the game was thought to be safe, cybersecurity firm Symantec found something troubling for Minecraft players. Several Minecraft add-ons available in the Google Play Store could contain malware such as the Sockbot, which is a Trojan malware.

According to Shaun Aimoto of Symantec, the flexible proxy topology may take advantage of the various network-based vulnerabilities and lead to security boundaries. Besides the launch of arbitrary network attacks, the infection could result in a DDoS attack (distributed denial of service).

What Is Being Done About Infected Apps

Eight Minecraft-based apps were discovered to be infected with the Trojan, which means up to 2.8 million Android devices could have problems. Symantec said the most targeted countries include Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, Germany and the U.S.  The firm said it made Google aware of the problem, which means the apps will soon be removed from the Store, reducing the threat to Minecraft Mobile.

This is just the latest discovery of infected apps security experts have found in the Google Play Store, which means developers must come up with a new security system. The problem is that once a person’s device has been infected, the malware stays hidden by using encryption to hide from detection tools.

It’s important for all users to stay safe by using only trusted sources to download apps, look at the required permissions that are with the apps and ensure device’s software is current.

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