A fresh out of the box new Minecraft update is coming to the PlayStation 4, with its minor bug fixes and new upgrades. The problem with the 1.65 update was represented by the Norse Mythology music that was not playing in spite of players obtaining the content and restarting the game.

This update goes ahead the Minecraft 1.64 one, which included the previously mentioned Norse Mythology Mashup Pack and also some other different skins, another horse model and steel armour.

Check out the next thing in our article to make sure you get the full patch notes for these updates:

Minecraft 1.65 updated Patch Notes for PS4

They fixed the Norse Mythology music problem, in which the music was not playing after the content was bought and the game restarted.

Minecraft 1.64 updated Patch Notes for PS4

This included the Norse Mythology Mashup Pack,  the Festive Tumble Arena, the Sony fourth Birthday skin pack. They also reintroduce the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Birthday Skin Packs back in the game, but this only for a limited time. They also added the New Horse Model, with Dyeable Leather Horse Armor.

The last major Minecraft update was the 1.57 one, which included a huge amount of custom game types. They included

What about the custom game type?

The custom game type to the Battle Mini Game with a colossal assortment of new settings, like the empowerment of picking the number of lives that every player gets per round. Now, to choose it even before the winner is chosen. Also,  constraining map size. They after added the No Armor item in Custom Battles. Also, the High Power thing set to Custom Battle, as well. Now every item breaks after a few uses. Food to be found in in the center chests, so they added the Food Central item, too.

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