Gmail users are 1 in 3 inboxes and many of those subscribers are proud owners of Apple’s latest smartphone: iPhone X. However, after buying the device, Gmail users were shocked to realize the app has not been updated for The Notch; that is until now.

iCloud for Gmail users

Gmail has added iCloud Support for the first time for iPhone X users and most of us want to start using it immediately. To do so, the user must go to the Gmail app and enter the main menu. The next step is to click on Add Account option. iCloud is one of the options provided. Select iCloud and create an in-app password.

Go to the Gmail app and click NEXT and then enter your email and password you have just created.

The recommendation is to use and Google will automatically use the proper server settings.

Benefits of using Gmail

This email service developed by Google offers many features such as Calendar appointments, Add Contacts directly option and Google Drive. Email is synchronized through POP and IMAP protocols. The initial storage capacity of Gmail is of one gigabyte per user. This is high compared to other email services such as Yahoo or others.

The maximum quantity of emails that can be received by Gmail users is of 50 megabytes and it includes attachments. Gmail user can send emails up to 25 megabytes. Google Drive is used by Gmail users to send larger files.

In July 2017, Gmail had 1.2 billion active users worldwide and on Android devices it was installed over one billion times.

Gmail interface

The user friendly interface is another reason why this email provider is so popular. The designer of the interface is Kevin Fox and the success of its designed determined competitors to create similar options.

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