More and more control owners have been wishing to play multiplayer games cross-platform. Their dream came true thanks to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

What you need to know

More and more game titles can now offer multiplayer versions between the two consoles and this means that it is easier than ever to play with all your friends, regardless of which console you prefer. The only downside is that Sony has yet to include PS4 in the cross-play action.

Cross-playing: a different ecosystem

The two consoles allowing cross-playing have managed to blur the lines and many titles are now compatible. Even so, cross-playing is executed differently depending on the game. There is no standard for multiplayer consoles, even though cross-play is becoming more and more popular each day.

Some titles might require players to set up a dedicated private match, while others allow players to matchmake together even if they own two different consoles.

This is how you can cross-play

Depending on the game you are choosing, cross-playing involves certain prerequisites. Those who are thinking of cross-playing need a copy of the supported game for both consoles: Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Both consoles need online connectivity and multiplayer access; meaning that players should have an Xbox Live Gold subscription if they own a Xbox One and a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, if they own a Nintendo Switch.

In 2018 it is speculated that the Nintendo Switch Online Subscription will stop being free and users will have to pay for it.

Games supporting cross-play for the two consoles

Some of the titles included so far are: Rocket League (Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Mac, Linux), Chess Ultra (Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam), Mantis Burn Racing (Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam), Pinball FX 3 (Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, Steam).

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