Marc Laidlaw, the author of Valve, made known the complete recap for Half-Life 2: Episode 3. Of course, Half-Life fans were thrilled to find out. Fortunate for us, gamers are really good with emergencies, and those heroes who don’t wear capes have volunteered to see this vision and taste this version for all of us.

Updates regarding HL:2, UI and weapons

The creating group took some time to give us so details, especially when it comes to the concept of art revelations.

Yes, maybe it isn’t the most expected part to work at, but programmers have made efforts in improving the game’s core gameplay systems, recreating HL:2’s movement UI and the function of its weapons.

The group plays this game on and on to perfect these systems and they’re working on making a strong foundation, in order for the game to continue developing.

When it comes to movement, the team tried to get into the HL:2 speed runs to make sure everything is alright so that when we play the game, we can use those features properly, even with a new engine. So it’s possible that accelerated back hopping, circle strafing, bunny-hopping might return for this one. They’ve also worked on acceleration, friction and momentum.

About Project Borealis

Rebel and Combine forces were also improved, with the help of the concept art team.

Project Borealis happens principally in an arctic place, and this means that the two sides have needed to adjust their outerwear and tools to coordinate with the harsher weather.

The creators had Laidlaw post the news about the game and then separated it into basic plot focuses and after that, they added more stuff to round the holes and made a convincing story, consistent in the legend of the Half-Life universe.

The 3D department had also worked on different advantages to be utilized as a part of PB

With all said, work proceeds on numerous famous models and the game is bound to be a success.

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