Many rumors are circulating about Grand Theft Auto 6, even though there’s no definite information about the game’s release. Still, there are a plethora of features that could make the game. It does make fans wonder what is fake news and what’s the real deal.

GTA’s Rockstar also develops Red Dead Redemption 2, which is set for release in spring 2018 after its fall 2017 release delay. Since this is a major release for Rockstar, it’s unlikely that they are working on GTA 6 just yet. The delay is very revealing.

Some rumors are persisting about GTA 6 – understandably so, as the latest GTA 5 game was released back in 2013. This is forever for gamers.

What Are The Rumors?

One rumor circulating the GTA 6 game is the listing of GTA 6 motion capture work on a resume. It was later revealed that the resume was a hoax, which means fans were left wondering again if GTA 6 was even going to be made.

A couple of other rumors were:

The game would be focused on the U.S. region instead of a particular city.
A release date of 2020 was likely.

Now, everything is pure speculation. Nothing has been said, and until Rockstar confirms something, nobody knows anything for sure. In fact, unless there is actual artwork released to the public for GTA 6, everything is speculation and rumors.

Anybody can put together a website, and make a simple remark about a topic. This information can be picked up, and before anyone knows it, it spreads like wildfire. Still, there’s got to be something out there that gives credence to that information, right?

For example, Leslie Benzies is president of Rockstar who said GTA 6 was definitely in the early development stages. Based on this information, a game is going to happen but ideas on what are still being tossed out.

A statement like this can drive gamers’ minds to run wild. She also said GTA 5 plans were already thought about before 4 was out. Benzies did say that GTA online was Rockstar’s primary focus for the time being.

What Would Players Like To See?

Many GTA players have some thoughts on what they’d like to see in the game. For example, many want a female lead. Every GTA game to date is male-dominated, and fans feel it’s time for the ladies to rule. Some other features include:

  • Story setting in more than one city
  • Better vehicle choices
  • New location

Until an official announcement comes from Rockstar, the only thing you learn about GTA 6 is pure speculation.

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