Free CRM (customer relationship management) software would come in 2 categories, namely the free-but-limited or the freemium and the open source. If you are going to choose the freemium CRM, you will be limited to a number of free users, storage, contacts, and extra features. On the other hand, you can get unlimited and functional CRM to users if you use the open source CRM software.

Here are top choices if you are going to choose free CRM software.


This type of CRM software is an open source option to SugarCRM, which was no longer supported. SuiteCRM provides free forum support or a paid dedicated support available in 3 tiers. This was based on the maximum hours of support and response time.


Only limited up to 2 users, 10MB of storage space, and 250 contacts are what Capsule provides for free. These figures could be upgraded but it will no longer be free. The best feature of CapsuleCRM is that it is able to incorporate with some 33 other programs, such as Gmail, Mailchimp, and Freshbooks. The customer support system of Capsule is unique that it doesn’t have a type of phone support.


According to its website, Insightly has been the number 1 online small business CRM. This may require some proof, but basically they offer great free program and friendly website. Insightly offers free CRM for 2 users, 200MB of storage, and 2,500 records, along with 2 custom fields. The freemium CRM provides advance reporting and 10 emails daily. This would require additional charges if you are going to upgrade the software. The only thing that separates Insightly from other CRMs is the built-in email marketing system that it has. However, the freemium level only provides very limited access to its email marketing system.

Really Simple Systems

This software has also been claimed as the best CRM system intended for small businesses. It offers unlimited contacts with 100 accounts, tasks, and 100MB of storage. It also provides free full customer support. The really simple excellent customer support has made this software popular among customers.


This is the most popular CRM software when it comes to free service. Basically, it comes with 100 free users and up to 100,000 contacts. However, the free version only has no customer support and you would only get a year of free subscription.

You can rest assured that an upgraded FreeCRM system is one of the most affordable on the market, which is intended for mid- to large-sized businesses. Another thing is that it is a Web-based solution, so you need not create an expensive or time-consuming infrastructure where you would host it on. This will enable anybody to get it up and running in no time with ease.

Aside from these free CRM software mentioned here, you can also have a host of affordable or cheap CRM software solutions that your company might have to consider. They might not be free but they should perfectly fit your organization one way or the other.

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