You might be wondering how most businesses were able to find great success online. One of the reasons is having an online presence via social media websites. A business page on Facebook is a free public profile that you can use for your product, brand, or local business.

With great similarity to your personal account on Facebook, you can use it to promote products or business. This can be done by posting links, event announcements, photos, videos, and status updates. Furthermore, it is free and easy to create a business page on Facebook. Simply consider these easy steps to begin with.

Creating A Page

It is easier if you already possess a personal account on Facebook. This is because you can create a business page from your profile. You can begin by clicking the dropdown arrow at the upper-right corner of the page. Then, click the “Create Page” tab on the menu.

You can also create a Facebook business page on the homepage even without having a personal account. You just need to click “Create a Page for band, business or celebrity” from the homepage

A number of categories will be shown to you. Just choose the one that would suit the type of business that you have. This will lead you to go to the next step.

Enter Business Information

You need to put the basic information of your business, such as the business name, page category, address, and contact number. Facebook requires you to provide the details so that you can create a page. Follow the instructions on the page and go on with the next step.

Upload Your Cover Photo And Profile Picture

Get a photo that would bring people to visit your page. This includes the photograph of your product, such as a delicious-looking menu for restaurant business, beautiful hairdo for salons, or a pretty smile for dental services. Logos and images can also be used such as those found at the storefront or street sign.

Invite Friends To Like Your Page

After uploading the cover photo, you will be prompted to invite friends. This can increase the following that you have on your page.

Add More Business Details

A welcome banner will be shown on the middle of your Facebook page. This will have a number of tips to improve your page. Simply click the “See All Page Tips”, and get some moment to provide as much information as you can. A number of details such as business hours, short description, username, website link, and create a group, should do the trick.

Add A Button To Your Page

You can also add a button to your business page by clicking the “Add a Button” tab at the top right corner of your page. This feature would allow customers to perform certain actions directly and quickly from your page. Such would include book services, get in touch, make a purchase or donation, learn more, or download game or app. This would greatly make a direct impact to your business or sales.


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